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About us


Our Kennel is registered since 1998 under the name NINE LIVES.

Since 1982 we are Whippet fans and our first dogs were family pets, later from 1992 we have started to participate on dogs shows, racing and coursing.
Around 1998 we had established great contacts with breeders from England, USA and Canada , so it was possible for us to import dogs of highest quality from some of the most successful breeders in the world.

Our breeding goal is the following:

* We like a whippet which is bred according to the English standard, a perfect family dog which can also be presented at a show with a possibility to win, a dog which possesses enough power to have fun with its owners in Agility, Coursing or Racing.

In our Garden, the dogs have enough place to run, play and have fun. They are going out with the other dogs when they are 6 weeks old, we teach them to stand on a table, to be used to a leash and to short trips by car. All our puppies became wonderful family members and some of them also successful show dogs !

Our Home and Garden
Since 2009 we moved back to Germany, near Berlin and bought a house in Lüdersdorf (Brandenburg) with a lot of place for our Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.We are breeders in DWZRV/VDH and are breeding according to the breed standard.
Our whippet puppies as well as our italian greyhound puppies are growing up in our family and have daily access to our big garden where they can play and run as it is the best training for every sighthound .Every puppy is leashed trained and is used to travel in a car.
We are very happy that many new owners of Nine Lives Whippets and Italian Greyhounds are staying in close contact with us and visit us from time to time.

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